Ambassador Masood Khan Urges American Businesses to Increase Investment in Pakistan

Leaders Strengthen Ties in SCO Summit in Astana

Interfaith Harmony is Top Priority for Pakistan’s Government, Says Amb Masood Kha

Ambassador Masood Khan Bids Farewell to Washington, DC

Pakistan and the US are Investing in People-Centric Diplomacy: Ambassador Masood Khan

Fifth Graders Celebrate Pakistan’s Culture at Washington Embassy

At WAC New Hampshire Amb Masood Khan Addresses Major Issues

Chinese TV Anchors Scrutinize China-Pakistan Relations on Infer Talks

Uzbekistan Embassy Celebrates Women’s Uzbek Dance Traditions

Washington Soccer Club Champions Pakistani-Made Soccer Balls

Amb Masood Khan Praises Iqra Fund’s “Inspiring” Mission Educating Students in Northern Pakistan

ICNA-MAS Hosts Thousands at Annual Convention

Pakistan Eases Visa Policy for Religious Tourism

Pakistan Destined to Become Tech Hub of Region, Paklaunch Membership Climbs to 350,000

Thousands Enjoy Pakistani Cuisine and Culture at Embassy Open House

Amb Masood Khan Explores Closer Ties in Trade, Investment, and Friendship during SoCal Visit

Pakistan’s Economic Problems Discussed on InferTalks

Aurangzeb Assures Pakistani-American IT Companies of Resolution of Problems

Ambassador Masood Khan Congratulates New APPNA President

InferTalks Spotlights Climate Change, Pakistan’s Debt Crisis

Ambassador Masood Khan Visits First Pakistani-American Magistrate Judge

Pakistan Embassy Celebrates National Day in Style

Pakistan’s Apparel Exports Experiencing Rapid Growth, Says Ambassador Masood Khan

Pakistanis Are the Best Assets for Promoting Tourism: Masood Khan

Pakistan’s People-to-People Track with the US is “Quite Strong,” Says Ambassador Masood Khan

CPEC Comes under the Spotlight at InferTalks

Ambassador Masood Khan Urges Pak-US Business Community to “Scale up” Investments in Pakistan

“Kashmir Is a Powder Keg in South Asia,” Warns Ambassador Masood Khan

Tourism Industry Can Strengthen People-to-People Ties between US and Pakistan

Moeed Yusuf and Aamer Sarfraz Discuss Their Careers on InferTalks

Pakistan Wins “Best in-Show” International Tourism Development Award in NY

Pak-US Relations Recalibrated to Focus on Economy & Trade, Says Amb Masood Khan

Pakistani Americans Making Massive Contribution to the Social, Economic, and Political Landscape of the US

InferTalks Spotlights Migration Challenges and Opportunities in Pakistan

Pakistan Diplomats Plan for a Successful 2024 at Envoys’ Conference

Pakistani Women Are “Trailblazers Leading from the Front”


Gen Asim Munir Meets US Officials in Washington

Pakistani-Americans Scale New Heights, Warmly Commended by Ambassador Khan

Pakistani Students in US “a Force Multiplier in Cementing Pak-US Ties”: Ambassador Masood Khan

Wilson Center Program Reviews Options for Pakistan amid US-China Competition

Pakistan Continues Building Strong Sister Relations with US States

Ambassador Masood Khan Urges Investment in Pakistan’s Tech and Tourism Industries

Pakistan Embassy Pays Tribute to Allama Iqbal and Sadequain

Hudson Institute Spotlights Pakistan’s Persistent Crises

Second Annual Pakistan Conference Spotlights Resilience and Reforms

Ambassador Masood Khan Condemns Murder of Dr Talat Jahan Khan

Amb Masood Khan Commends Citizen Foundation-USA’s $3.5 Million Fundraising for Education in Pakistan

Ambassador Masood Khan Advocates Diplomacy to Give 20 Million Kashmiris Self-Determination

Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education Honored with US Library of Congress 2023 Literacy Award

Dr Faisal Bari on Leadership, Education in Pakistan

Ambassador Masood Khan Introduces Special Investment Facilitation Council to US Investors

Hudson Institute Debates America’s Best Options to Support NRF

Foremost Priority in Pak-US Ties Is to Take It to a Higher Level

Ambassador Masood Khan Reaches out to US Lawmakers

Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco & the American Warriors Who Fought to the End

Ways Forward for Afghanistan under Taliban Rule

Ambassador Masood Khan Reaffirms Pakistan’s Commitment to Eliminate Hepatitis by 2030

California Legislature Passes Bills Protecting Religious Liberties

Imran Khan Supporters Rally in Washington for His Release

Uzbekistan’s Independence Day Celebrated with Music, Dancing

Ambassador Masood Khan Hosts National Press Club Journalists

Ambassador Khan Discusses Trade, People-to-People Ties with Rep Melanie Stansbury

Ambassador Masood Khan Makes Official Visit to Albuquerque

    Wilson Center Panel Reviews Life in Taliban-led Afghanistan

Ambassador Khan Calls for Interfaith, Inter-Sectarian Dialogue to Strengthen Harmony among Faiths

Hafiz Pasha Discusses Pakistan’s Economic Situation on InferTalks

Pakistanis Stand by Their Christian Brothers and Sisters during

This Traumatizing Time: Ambassador Masood Khan

Lessons Learned from Afghanistan Discussed at Quincy Institute

InferTalks Hosts Ali Tauqeer Sheikh on Climate Change

Stimson Panel Examines China’s Influence on Pakistan, Afghanistan

Middle East Institute Panel on Ways Forward for Afghanistan

Mangoes Bring Community Together at Pakistan Embassy in Washington

Kazakhstan Ambassador Yerzhan Kistafin on InferTalks

InferTalks Hosts Fareed Zakaria, Moeed Yusuf to Discuss Changing Global Order

MEI Panel Spotlights Tensions between Iran and

Afghanistan over Water Issues

Travels in Uzbekistan along the Silk Road

Kazakhstan’s Gem: The Central State Museum

Uzbekistan’s Artistic Traditions Celebrated in Paris Exhibit

Emir of Qatar Makes Historic Visit to Uzbekistan

Central Asia Working to Become a Tech Powerhouse

The Life and Poetry of Mukaghali Makatayev

Brookings Panel Spotlights Humanitarian Aid, Human Rights in Afghanistan

Infer Talks with Former NSA Moeed Yusuf and Stephen Hadley

Wilson Center Conference on US-Pakistan Relations

US Policy and Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

California Lawmakers Celebrate Ramadan with Muslim Community

Uzbekistan Prepares for Referendum on Constitutional Reform

Kazakh Ensemble Enthralls Audiences in Washington Concerts

Miftah Ismail Speaks on “Reimagining Pakistan” for a Better Future

US Aid to Pakistan Discussed at Washington’s Wilson Center

Afghanistan’s Humanitarian Dilemma Continues

Miftah Ismail, Moeed Yusuf Discuss Ways Forward for Pakistan

Michael Kugelman Reflects on Challenges for South Asia

Ambassador Masood Khan Calls for Diplomacy to Resolve Kashmir Conflict

Brookings Panel Explores Pakistan’s Economic Challenges

Ambassador Masood Khan on Flood Recovery Efforts and US-Pakistan Relations

Independent Media Struggles under Taliban Rule

Rights Groups Urge President Biden to Assist Victims of Trump Muslim Ban

Kashmiris Still Waiting for Self-Determination

Human Rights Defenders Call for Closure of Guantanamo

Afghans Demand Education for Women

IMF Economic Report on Central Asia and the Caucasus


Afghanistan Needs a Decentralized Government, Says NRF Leader Ahmad Massoud

Down the Line, the Story for Pakistan Is One of Opportunity, Says FM Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

US-Pakistan Relations Remain Strong, Says Masood Khan

Moeed Yusuf Sparks Global Conversation on New Digital Platform

Feroz Khan Discusses His New Book, Subcontinent Adrift: Strategic Futures of South Asia

Panel Stresses Importance of US Engagement with Pakistan at MEI Webinar

Dr Sandeep Pandey on Nuclear Weapons, Peace, and Kashmir

Expert Panel Tackles Global Climate Change

Conference on the Future of US-Pakistan Relations in Washington

CSIS Panel Spotlights the Future of Iran

Experts Examine Role of Regional Stakeholders in Afghanistan

Fawzia Koofi Spotlights the “Empowered Women” of Afghanistan

US Special Representative Thomas West Provides Updates on Afghanistan

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Proposes Green Marshall Plan

Brookings Panel Debates US Policy of Going Forward in Afghanistan

Strategy to Improve Afghan Economy Explored at Quincy Institute

USIP Panel Addresses Pakistan’s Historic Floods“

The Situation in Pakistan Is Dire,” Says Ambassador Masood Khan at National Press Club Briefing

Atlantic Council Panel Reflects on Afghanistan

Former Ambassadors Ponder What’s Next for Pakistan and India

Nader Nadery Speaks on Afghanistan One Year after US Withdrawal

Embassy of Pakistan Commemorates Youm-e-Istehsa

US State Department Launches US-Afghan Consultative Mechanism

Atlantic Council Panel on Unrest in Uzbekistan

Reflections from Afghan Women at USIP

Pakistan Looks Toward Removal from FATF Grey List

USIP Panel Spotlights Conflict-Driven Global Food Insecurity

Pakistan and India 75 Years after Independence

Brookings Panel on US Failure to Protect Partners in Afghanistan

Chuck Todd, Ambassador William B. Taylor Discuss Ukraine, Journalism, and Accountability

International Monetary Fund Experts Discuss Financial Future for Central Asia

Experts Spotlight Water Insecurity in Pakistan

Silk Road Festival Celebrates Central Asian Culture

China, India, Pakistan: Standing on the Brink of Crisis

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Experts Explore Kazakhstan Crisis

Pakistan Embassy Welcomes Large Crowd to Open House

Experts Address TTP and IS-K Violence

Professor Atif Mian on Pakistan’s Economy

Imran Khan Supporters Rally in San Francisco

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Spotlights Jewels of the Qur’an

Afghan Girls Deserve Education, USIP Panel Says

UN Declares March 15 International Day to Combat Islamophobia

Pakistan: The Best Kept Tourism Secret in the World

Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan Offers Upbeat View of US-Pakistan Relations

USIP Panel on Pakistan’s Security, TTP & Durand Line

“The World Needs to Respond to Kashmir Crisis,” Says Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan

PM Imran Khan in Conversation with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Tenth Annual World Hijab Day Celebrated

Experts Debate US Strategy in Central Asia

January: The Month of Massacres in Kashmir

Pakistan Here and Now  Delves into Pakistani Society

Dr Ishrat Husain on CPEC and Pakistan’s Economy


Panel Explores Cryptocurrency Opportunities for Pakistan

Dr Anita Weiss Lauds Pakistani Civil Society in Combating Violent Extremism

Panel Spotlights Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir, Palestine

The Future of Nuclear Peace in South Asia

Social Media Companies Silence Kashmiri Voices

Human Rights Supporters Call for Freedom for Aafia Siddiqui

South Asian Scholars Spotlight Climate, Economic Issues

Moeed Yusuf Urges the World Not to Abandon Afghanistan

Asad Umar Demystifies CPEC at Washington’s Wilson Center

Distinguished Panel Tackles US-Pakistan Relations at Washington’s Brookings Institution  

Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin Gives Upbeat View on Pakistan’s Economy

US Think Tanks Focus on Pakistan

Stimson Center Spotlights Feminist Foreign Policy in South Asia

US-Pakistan Relations Are Strong, Says Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan

at Stimson Center in Washington, DC

Humanitarian Groups Struggle to Provide Aid to Afghans

Washington Think Tanks Debate US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Founder of Washington’s Central Asia–Caucasus Institute on Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan

At Washington’s Wilson Center, Lt Gen H.R. McMaster Speaks on US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

NSA Moeed Yusuf Spotlights Pakistan’s Security Outlook at

Washington DC’s US Institute of Peace

Diplomats & Scholars Debate the Future of US-Pakistan Ties

Pakistan Plans for Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

US-Pakistan Relations in the Biden Era: A Conversation with Moeed Yusuf


Resolution Urges India to Respect Human Rights of All Citizens

Washington DC’s MEI & INDUS Co-Host Virtual Discussion Pakistan

Pins Hopes on Afghan Peace Talks


Rallies for Kashmir in San Francisco

“Kashmir is Burning,” Masood Khan Tells Washington Audience


AMA-GTV Enthralls Capacity Crowd

Pakistan Link